Another Africa

Africa is the continent which we are all very much familiar with from the fairy tales and favourite childhood stories, being at the same time the enigmatic land of mysteries and even fears. We all feel that the life is poor and hot there, dangerous but charming. To see Africa with our own eyes, to breath in its humid spicy air, to get sank in its textures and colours – discovering the world which one has no words to discover.

Tourist leaflets describe the Gambia as “the smiling coast of Africa” – the smallest state of the black continent which also finds its place in the list of the 10 poorest world countries. But, surprisingly, it leaves no impression of the land of unhappiness and evil. The Gambians do have something to teach the Europeans: peacefulness, generosity, every day smiles and the unique capacity of enjoying what they have, living here and now.

“Another Africa” tells the viewers about a different Africa – the bright, multicoloured continent populated with people who love living.

The series "Another Africa" exposed at the restaurant "Trotts" in Alphen-aan-den-Rijn in the Netherlands in April 2013.

The curator of the exhibition is Anita Weekers.

The series "Another Africa" exposed at thr art-space "Bagni Municipali" in Turin, Italy in July 2013.

The curator is Anna Pisterzi.

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