Somewhere and here again

SOMEWHERE AND HERE AGAIN: metaphysical research of the borders of oneself within the given space

Any city is actually any city. it has no borders, it might happen anywhere, reproducing itself in the "de ja vu" of details and feelings. Everything from the outside conducts an open dialogue with everything inside. Inside and then all around. There is no sense in trying to establish exact location of the city and yourself in it. Any question set can evoke numerous answers - all of them being equally correct. 

The photographs presented in the project are just a primary "raw" material for further manipulation in the course of which each of them transforms into a single 3d collage where fragments of various city maps and plastic map pins are used as additional creative tools.

A fragment of one of the collages presented in the series "Somewhere and Here Again"

A collage from the series " Somewhere and Here Again" exhibited in "Krugovaya Panorama" cinema in Moscow, Russia in May, 2014.

The curator of the exhibition is Olga Smirnova, the photo was made by Ekaterina Melnikova.

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